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"We the People" which opens our Constitution, means 100% of all Americans not just the 10% of the elitist, bureaucrates, super pac's, unions and the wealthy buy control of our government elections. Our government is broken and can only be fixed with term limits for federally elected congress people and senators and getting a hand on Education. Term limits allows the congress and senate to shorten their terms in office to 3 terms for congress persons and 2 terms for senators. This will stop career polticians as they become complacent and divisive.


" In America, we must stop too many of our domestic programs, merely sustain people in poverty rather than help them to become self-sufficient. Liberal politicians, especially, think this is perfectly fine because addiction to government means addiction to them and to the perpetuation of their liberal agenda." * We must stop being a welfare nation that is being created by our government to win elections. (see our projects)


We have a puppeteer running our country, passing key legislation (health care) without reading it. He is the most divisive, buck passing president we have ever had. He is no Harry Turman,"The Buck Stops Here." The congress and senate are so divided that they will not sit down to dicuss any bill. The senate can not pass a budget as required by "The Constitution" for the past 4 years. We must pass term limits on all  national office holders, just like the president. We need elected office holders, that can sit down together irregardless of political party on all issues that effect "We the People."



* Thanks to; Military Press and Cal Thomas