3. Entitlements

Social Security; is a benefit that we must pay into with a like amount from our employer, which equals approx. (7%) The government has been raiding Social Sercurity since the 2nd world war. They take from us "We the People" Trillions of dollars because they will not past a balanced budget amendment. They just want to keep on spending. So our children and their children will be paying for that right to spend on our welfare nation.


"We the People must demand that they keep and update Social Sercrity. Increase retirement age to 67 or 68, Incomes under $100,000.stays the same. People over $100,000.00  should pay in up to $500,000, This will secure the fund for all. This is the only way to protect, "We the People" of all ages as 401 K's are subject to market conditions. With no guarantee of returns.


Medicare; "We the People" now pay $109.00 per month in to Medicare. This payment should be increased  based on income by $100.00 per month on incomes over $200,000.00 to $500,000.00 and co-pays accordingly. This should also keep Medicare financially well.


These remedies should allow monies for education and defence plus!